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fournier 1742 Production for the research and verification. It has been modified by fengfeeldesign.





Please use PayPal for purchases from outside Japan. The decorative type recorded in the "Fournier Foundry Type Sample Book" published in 1742 was finely outlined by Adobe Illustrator for my own research and verification. Part of the text is displayed as a remnant of the process. Now that the research and verification has been completed, this package is resampled and modified from the original for distribution and prepared as a fengfeeldesign edition. Therefore, there are some parts that are slightly different from the original, so if you are using that, I think that it is better to use these decorative type because there are many cases where this decorative type is provided in other media. .. In addition, this decorative type has been redesigned by many people for more than 200 years since its birth. Therefore, it seems that it is released from various rights, but whatever use it is, it is clearly stated as a quotation that it is the "Fournier Foundry Type Sample Book" issued in 1742. I recommend that. I made this data for the purpose of training and research when assembling flower-shaped decorative type, so I would be honored if you could use it as such. Package contents: More than 300 kinds of decorations that are all outlined / PNG transparent image converted from the original size to 1200dpi / 15 kinds of pre-prepared set samples / Recorded in (.ai) of Adobe Illustrator ver.10. 1742年に発行された「Fournier(フルニエ)鋳造所 活字見本帳」に収録されている装飾活字を、自身の研究と検証の為にアドビイラストレーターにて精細にアウトライン化し製作いたしました。 全てがアウトライン化された300種類以上の装飾/元のサイズから1200dpiに変換したPNG透過画像/個別に分けられたSVGファイル/予め用意された15種類の組み見本/Adobe Illustratorver.10の(.ai)で収録